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Icon Request Live

Request Any Icon Any Time
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This community is back from hiatus...but its not going full force. so new memberships and posts will be moderated by me, and im only taking a certain number of requests. Maybe if i had a lil more help making icons...but for now...its moderated membership and ill most likely only making icons for my lj buddies. (You know who you are! lol.)

Request any picture, and gradient, and brush, any color, ANY ICON!

1. You must credit any icon here to anyicon_100x100. If people continue to steal icons, ths community will become friends only and i dont feel like taking care of all the membership options.
2. Be specific enough with your icon that i don't have to guess what you want.
3. Put requests behind an lj cut please...if you don't know how to do it, go to a place like howto and look in the tutorials.
4. Stick to this format, or atleast something like this.
5. I don't do icons of personal pictures of yourself!!! It's entirely boring and frankly a little vain.
6. Allrequests must be posted. Don't comment on someone else's request, because i'll ignore it.

1. Picture or Link to a Picture.
2. Writing. Include color and font if prefered.
3. Special effects: (brushes, gradients, borders)

When you request...put in the subject "A requests please!" so i know you've read the rules.

This place desperately needs makers.

If someone wants to take over moderation thats cool. The only reason I'm not deleting the community is because apparently some people like it.