One small request...

Hi, just realized recently I have no custom icons of Christian Bale/Batman. ^_^ And I was wondering if someone could delight me and make me one out of this picture (obviously of his face, maybe a little off-centered, you decide) and the background in black and white, only him in color. Could you please?!! It'd make my day, thanks so much.
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Can someone please make me an icon that says:
He hurts me
He ignores me
He makes me cry
But i still love him

I want the background black and the words white. And can you make the But i still love him part in cursive? I hope i don't sound demanding. And basically the rest is up to you. If i'm not being specific enough just let me know. Thanks much =]

Smallville Icon?

wow! theres alot of requests, so i hope it doesnt take that long. um, could maybe somebody PLEASE make a smallville avi for me, from the new epi (vessel, season finaly)?? a Martha/Lionel avi (with a pic from the scene where he's cleanin up the counter in her kitchen and she looks at him and it look like they gonna kiss) saying 'Mionel' or something like that????? i kno its pretty specific but could somebody PLEASE make it for me?? Thanx!!!
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Darth Maul icons

Hey there, I've come on here before once to request some icons, but anyways I am back! :D Because the ones I got last time are awesome!!! ^_^
Anyways, this time I would like some Darth Maul icons, I don't care how many, just as many as you can make from the pictures I'm giving. :D (just click on my username and go to my journal, they're on the most recent post and since I'm lj-cut UNfriendly...) Thanks so much!
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Actors: Gerard

(no subject)

Since this community seems quite dead:
Everyone who still goes here for requests should go join:

It's a request community.
Which means you can request any graphic to be made such as:
Friend's Only Banners
and anything else you can think up!

Actors: Gerard

(no subject)

I'm new here, and I realized you need makers.
I'd be HAPPY to help, as I've been looking for a community that needs makers.
Also, since you said you want to hand over moderation (if you still want to)
I'd be happy to take over for you.
But if you still want control, I'd be dleighted to just be a creator!