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♥something with stars, like alll just tons of stars, different sizes and colors maybe some shooting ones with little dots and junk lol maybe with my username

♥ one that says "i ♥ the disney channel" and idk about the background...hmmm

♥ one thats like orange and yellow and whatever else you think might look good haha and says "california here we come"

♥ one that says "there's nothin like being held sometimes", whatever you wanna do with it is fine

♥ a stripey one, i love stripes, so kinda same as the stars one, all different colors and put my username on it?

♥ one that says something like "waiting for mr. right..." and i dont care about the background... mayeb this?

♥ a pic of a bottle of fiji water, and then have it say "fancyyyyy"

♥ one of a camera, any camera really, where it looks like its flashing and have it say "taking pictures = love"

♥ some of channing tatum
- - without the armpit hair preferably. lol
- - and that one, but cropped pref.

♥ some adam brody ones, he's my fav :) here's a few picss

♥ one with ruper grint, that says " 'ello rupert "

♥ a sarah silverman one that says "oh vey!" and "J.A.P."

♥ a picture of a squiggle wiggle writer pen, preferably pink, (ask if you have no idea what i'm talking about lol) that says "i ♥ my squiggle wiggle writer"

♥ a starry night and have it say "i wish i may, i wish i might..."

♥ one with maybe springy blue and green colors with the American Eagle eagle on it and have it say "Live Your Life"

♥ one with jael from ANTM with it saying "fierce"

haha that was so many but i need a bunch of new onesss

thanks :) any questions just ask

by the way all those pictures are just examples/ideas if you have other/better ones feel free :D

gracias ♥
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